The highest seizure: food and drug supervision staff on the industry unspoken rules do not ask can be chased

Focus on investigating six types of food and drug supervision in the field of job crime cases
Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, August 3 (Reporter Chen Fei) reporter 3 from the highest seized that the highest anti-corruption bribery Bureau issued a notice recently, requiring procuratorial organs at all levels to adhere to corruption and punishment, focusing on investigating six categories of food and drug regulation Field duty crime cases, as "strict from farmland to the table, from the laboratory to the hospital of each line of defense" to provide a strong judicial protection. In order to implement the Party Central Committee on the food and drug safety work decision-making arrangements, the Supreme People's Procuratorate Anti-Corruption Bureau has issued a "serious investigation and active prevention of food and drug supervision in the field of job crime notice." Notice of the six cases of thorough investigation of the case: First, the people reflect the strong, the party committee and government attention, news media exposure, the consequences of serious losses and social impact of food and drug safety hazards of dereliction of duty cases; Second, food and drug safety Malicious incident Of the cases of malfeasance; third is the responsibility of the state and the staff of the state organs of the staff of the area of ​​food and drug industry, "hidden rules" indifferent to the interests of the state and the people suffered heavy losses of dereliction of duty cases; 5 is the practice of malpractice for personal gains, falsification of food inspection results and the results of animal and plant quarantine, or should be the inspection and quarantine of the case, the prosecution of the case, 6 is the national staff of the bribery, as "umbrella" of the crime and food and drug production operators to seek improper benefits and win over the corrupt hunting national staff of the bribery of the bribery of the national staff, crime. Notice that the prosecution agencies around the crime investigation and prevention departments with their own reality, around the key areas and cases, timely organization of special activities. Strengthen the coordination with the food and drug regulatory authorities, public security, the court and other departments, do a good job of notification, clues transfer, case investigation, information sharing and so on. Strengthen the organization and coordination, and actively use the proposed, commissioned, designated remote jurisdiction and other handling measures, highlight the investigation and handling of major cases and cases. Depth investigation of food and drug safety regulatory system of the system, the formation of high-quality prevention investigation report to promote the regulatory authorities to plug the regulatory loopholes and to solve the regulatory gap and other issues. (Finish)

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